4 quick ways to save money on Google AdWords


There are many ways to help you get more bang for your buck on Google AdWords. Here are 4 tips you can quickly put into action.

Optimize your landing page for speed and relevance

This will have a direct effect on your quality score. A good quality score will save you money. Linking your Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts will help you understand how and where you need to improve.

Exclude your organization’s IP addresses from your campaign

This will ensure you don’t waste money on organizational “Test clicks”. Use the Ad preview tool to preview your ads instead.

Use negative keywords

People tend to overlook the importance of negative keywords. Negative keywords filter out irrelevant traffic. One good example is if you sell soap operas online, you may want to add “bathing”, “washing”, “cleaning” as negative keywords so that people searching for cleaning soap don’t end up on your website.

Use Ad scheduling

If your campaign conversion requires prompt human intervention, limiting ad serving to your normal hours of business will help a lot.

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